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Residential Garbage Can Cleaning

in Smith and Cherokee County

The average garbage can is seriously rife with bacteria, disease, mold, and other undesirable elements that often go overlooked. But with a thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing from Wash My Can’s garbage can cleaning service in Smith County and Cherokee County, you won’t even have to worry about unwanted smells!

At Wash My Can, we understand how important it is for homes in East Texas to have a healthy environment throughout their property – especially when it comes to where they dispose of waste. We also know how frustrating and potentially harmful giving your own garbage cans the thorough cleaning they need can be. That’s why our job is to come to your home and provide a curbside residential garbage can cleaning service to leave your trash cans 99% germ free. 

Filthy, smelly garbage cans are a problem everyone has, regardless of your station. But with just one call, we can set you up on a monthly service plan to wash your garbage cans and keep them cleaner and safer than ever.

Thanks to our mobile trash can cleaning units, we can wash as many cans as you need. The process is fast, easy, and environmentally friendly! Simply call our office today to learn more and get scheduled for a prompt and efficient Smith or Cherokee County garbage can cleaning service from Wash My Can!

How This Works

Wash My Can provides environmentally friendly residential garbage can cleaning services for our customers in the Smith County and Cherokee County area. Our mobile garbage can cleaning units can eliminate up to 99% of the harmful organisms that establish their own toxic micro-communities in your cans, leaving your waste receptacles free of foul odors and dangerous bacteria.

Once you call and set up your monthly service you will be assigned a service day. This day will be after one of your regular trash collection days. You will receive a text reminder the day before to leave your trash can out in the front of your house. Our service techs will then come by and thoroughly clean your garbage can and set it back where they found it. If you need to put trash in the can before we get there then just have it bagged and our service tech will remove it, wash your can, and then put the trash back in the can.

Thanks to an innovative high pressure, high temperature cleaning system along with powerful sanitizing and deodorizing products, we can ensure your garbage cans in Cherokee County and Smith County are as clean as they were when you first got them.

Your home can never be totally free of harmful bacteria and foul odors as long as you keep a dirty garbage can. But don’t go out and buy a new can just to avoid the hassle of cleaning your existing one. Contact Wash My Can today to learn more about our pricing and scheduling options for our residential garbage can cleaning services in Smith County and Cherokee County!